Dudu Marote : Cultural Cannibal

music for artists

got several brazilian number 1s with acts who turned out to become nationally huge producing breakthrough albums which sold millions of copies.


Alguns dos grande hits viraram clássicos. É o caso de “É Uma Partida de Futebol”, de Samuel Rosa e Nando Reis. A história vai toda contada aqui no programa “Por Trás da Canção”.



He’s just produced the new single of indie disco band Copacabana Club who just played Lollapalooza Brasil.



he had the experience of working with Afroreggae. Banded in Vigario Geral, one of the most violent slums in Rio. It was the guys first experience at the studio. Eduardo even conducted rehearsals and recordings in location and had been supervised by Caetano Veloso on this project.


he produced half of the first hip hop album in Brasil, in 1989.



vco rox

Since 2010 Eduardo Marote started VCO Rox with Paula Chalup.


It started as a will of making live and improvised electronic music for the dancefloor:  picking beats and crafting parts on a modular synthesizer, analog gear, Live and Push.. 


They’ve released Mr. Spacely, their first EP on D-Edge Records in 2013.

VCO Rox performed on Boiler Room Sao Paulo in June 2014.

Breakout Brasil

Dudu was part of the Sony Spin Brasil bands reality show Breakout Brasil. He co-starred the show and was the producer who coached the bands.

prztz from jamanta crew

Eduardo Marote was part of collective Jamanta Crew. They toured constantly Europe and US playing their quirky house music inbetween 2004-2008.


Under the moniker Prztz he released 8 EPs on labels from US, UK, Germany and France including seminal label Classic by Derrick Carter.



Discography as Prztz:

Everybody - Classic (UK, USA), 2004

Copacabronx - So Sound (USA), 2005

Mamma’s Home Cooking 6 (USA) - 2006

Nutdisco - .dotbleep (UK, USA) - 2007

Oldschoolized - Robsoul (France), 2008

WMC EP - Shaker Plates (Germany) - 2009

Brutality - Lunatic Jazz (Brasil) - 2009

music in actions for brands

As music for brands migrated from commercials to cases he’s been involved in many projects like: 


Heineken Moment @ Lollapalooza Brasil - produced the music and the sound design for the image/sound/technology action for Heineken at Lollapalooza Brasil 2013 main stage inbetween QOTSA and Black Keys involving Muti Randolph and Eski Studio from Montreal as well. Palco 07 created the action.



Honda Fit Twist - project involving music and technology for F/Nazca S&S. We brought N.A.S.A. featuring Derrick Green to this project. Then we produced an original track. Teamed up with Jurema to recreate the track to be controlled on Honda Fit Twist features.



Toyota Etios - for DC7 and - we recreated “As Curvas da Estrada de Santos”, a Roberto Carlos classic from the 60s with some of the greatest popstars in Brasil. Then they made a video of that.



SkankPlay - check out this post


Conexao Vivo (huge brazilian telecom) - Eduardo recorded in two weeks artists from all over Brasil and mashed up everything. Including Ile Aiye (huge afro percussion band from Bahia), Gaby Amarantos (exploding tecnobrega genre main artist from Belem, northern Brasil, gates of Amazon rainforest), Mestre Vieira (76 years old guitarist from Amazon rainforest with a very peculiar way of playing).



Ballantines Beat Club - looking for emerging DJs throughout Brasil. Using Facebook as a platform, bringing DJs to play in Sao Paulo, selecting the best to play in a huge beach party on Recife, northeast Brasil.



<iframe width=”853” height=”480” src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/fW6F189sseQ?list=UUAkr12s9O0uUeqoRaYpPKkA” frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen></iframe> 

Skol Twit Sound, Ballantines Game Your Beat - music for web and social games.

music for brands

a long career making music with his team for brands like Coca-Cola, Unilever, América Móvil, Kraft, Fiat, Toyota, Volkswagen, among many others. 




Had a case in Europe when he included the leftfield brazilian track  “Quem que caguetou” for a Nissan X-Trail spot which became a big hit all over Europe, even getting a Fatboy Slim remix.


He’s made the brazilian versions of all Coke hybrid music projects like Open Happiness, World Cup 2010, Can You Feel It, Christmas 2010 and 2011.


And designed all the music for Fox LA and Nat Geo Mundo channels.


Eduardo Marote built SkankPlay with collective DonTryThis. Action for Skank. Got a golden lion on PR on Cannes Lions 2011.

music education / artists development

Eduardo Marote conducted the artists development chapter for Motomix festival during three years in a row. Selecting new artists, developing them in a two weeks program so they could rock at Motomix main stage. One of the artists afterwards became Boss In Drama, internationally known on the electro scene.

He used to have the main blog in portuguese about music technology and that turned out to be Dexixer, initially a colaborative multi blog and now a twitter list with the best brazilian music producers.

He’s got a label in the 00s called Segundo Mundo dedicated to develop experimental and underground brazilian artists focusing in rhythm and electronic instruments. Like Nego Mocambique who was catapulted to Sonar Barcelona festival and Mutek Toronto festival.

events curator

TEDxSP - music curator

Motomix 2007 - artistic direction

Tim Festival alternative stage 2005 - artistic direction

Partner of Lab Club, Sao Paulo.

international experience

recording, mixing and mastering for several projects in NYC, LA and London in studios like Soundtrack, MAW, Strongroom, Bernie Grundman, Sterling, Metropolis and with professionals like Bob Ludwig and Brian Gardner.


working with professionals from Sony LA and London joint Supajam on Breakout Brasil show.


touring US (LA, Miami, SF, San Diego, Kansas City, Austin, DC, Chicago, Indianapolis, Milwaukee) and Europe (London, Paris, Nederlands, Belgium, Scotland, Berlin) with collective Jamanta Crew and VCO Rox.


managing Nego Mocambique (Paris and Sonar Barcelona festival)


managing the development of “Quem Que Caguetou” (NYC, London, Frankfurt)


producing Shakira, Orishas and Rick Martin, all for music for brands.

music for movies

music supervisor of the hit comedy “Os Penetras”, directed by Andrucha Waddington, produced by Conspiracao Filmes, distributed by Warner. It got more than 2 million tickets sold. Top 3 in brazilian market in 2012. Elected best movie on popular vote on Folha de Sao Paulo.